Week 6 - Preparation is Key

Coronavirus Has Taught Us to Be Prepared

Reflecting on the past 30+ days, the great toilet paper shortage got me thinking about tailgating preparations.  Looking ahead to sunny summer days, and enjoying a day out in the open fields at The Plains for the Virginia Gold Cup races, on June 20th, want to make sure you are well prepared for a great tailgate.

Dressed to Impress

With about two months to go until the races – do you have your Gold Cup outfit ready?  There is plenty of time to order hats, clothing and accessories online.  Please think local and reach out to your favorite clothing and hat vendors via online or by phone.

Prepare Your Tailgate Survival Kit

Tailgate Survival Kit?  What?  We’re still coming out of the “Great Toilet Paper Shortage” and paper goods are still in high demand.  Start making your survival kit today when you see goods available.  Get a plastic bin with a lid and start creating your Tailgate Survival Kit.  Items to put in your plastic bin would be; paper towels, (should we dare recommend toilet paper in case Port-A-Potties run out?) hand sanitizer, trash bags, plastic silverware, plates, cups, wine and bottle openers, Advil/Tylenol, pen/paper for betting, basic first aid kit, and a basic tool kit (duct tape, scissors, multi-purpose tool).


Who Knows What the Weather will be!?!

June 20th is the official first day of summer.  In Virginia that means it can be rainy and 60 degrees, or sunny and 90 degrees or anything in between.  Let’s make sure you’re prepared for both.  Hand held umbrellas are allowed.  Tents and canopies are NOT!  Whether rain or sun, having hand held umbrellas provides great protection from both.   Make sure to have sunglasses and sunscreen for a sunny day.  For a rainy day, may want to bring a change of shoes and/or clothing and extra trash bags to throw in wet clothing so the car ride home isn’t super uncomfortable. 

Plan Your Menu

We’ve been providing ideas for themes, décor, food and signature cocktails.  While we all have time to search through countless food and drink websites, go ahead get your menu planned.  Try to keep the menu simple and finger-friendly, with a variety of hot and cold items. There are plenty of foods that can be prepared days before the event. Also, if you don’t like to cook, or don’t want to be bothered with cooking, Harris Teeter has a lot of already yummy prepared foods to make race day even simpler for you.

Let’s take what we’ve experienced with Quarantine and start planning our tailgates!

Race Sponsors

Hogan Lovells VHBPA Virginia Equine Alliance Brown Advisory VTA MC Dean Marriott Ranch