Week 5 - What's Your Favorite Color?

Can’t decide on a theme for your tailgate?  No worries!  Can always keep it simple in using Color!  I think we can all agree that your food doesn’t have to be color coordinated like this:

In fact, we think it would be a little odd to only eat blue or purple foods all day!

What if you like the classic play of Black and White?  Here is a sophisticatedly decorated tailgate using Black and White.

Are you a Lily Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines fan?  Let’s go Preppy!

Even though this tailgate picture is from a Horse Hunt, it provides a nice visual of keeping with a theme, but also using your vehicle as the main serving area to leave you plenty of space and not be crowded within your rail spot. 

Let’s not forget completing your tailgate theme with a signature cocktail!   Obviously RED cocktails are easy as ingredients can include; cranberry juice, red wine, tomato juice, strawberries and grenadine.  And just like we wouldn’t want to eat blue food all day, safe to assume we shouldn’t drink blue drinks all day too, risking have our lips and teeth temporarily dyed blue…..Not Pretty!

If Green is your color, Our Official Distillery, MurLarkey, has wonderful recipes that include:

Jumping Frog https://murlarkey.com/recipes/jumping-frog

DC Mojito https://murlarkey.com/recipes/dc-mojito and Papino https://murlarkey.com/recipes/papino

And of course, MurLarkey has plenty of recipes for drinks that are Yellow, Red and Orange.


If purple and blue are your colors, maybe the best way to add those pops of color is to throw in a few blueberries into a clear drink. 

No matter what theme or color scheme you decide on, VA Gold Cup is always a fun day!  We are looking forward to it…even more so this year!


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