Week 4 - Go BIG Tailgates

With what’s happening in the world and looking forward to happier, healthier time– maybe it’s time to think about Going BIG for Gold Cup Tailgating!

We’ve given you ideas for keeping it simple!  We’ve given you ideas for having a beach themed tailgate to celebrate the start of summer!  We’ve also given you ideas for Horse themed tailgates, because….well, duh!  It is VA Gold Cup!  All of those ideas aside…

By June 20th, we will have survived being isolated from many family and friends.  We will have had more than our fair share of daily updates from reporters.  We will have had more than enough time on our couches, at our kitchen table and catching up on sleep.  Our houses will be completely organized and updated.  What we will be ready to do is celebrate good times watching steeplechase horse races at the beautiful Great Meadows.

And because it will be such a celebration of so many things – Let’s look at how we can GO BIG!

Beautiful, large bouquet of flowers is always a nice way of setting a Go Big tablescape.  Add in beautiful dishes serving a lot of food and you are well on your way to an award winning tailgate.

How about bringing in some sculpted shrubbery to make your tailgate Grand?

And if you really want to be over the top...Bring in the Ice Sculptures!  Don't worry that it will be June 20th and will be the first day of summer.  Nothing says you're ready to GO BIG more than an ice sculpture!  

What drink do you think would reflect Go BIG?  Instead of me picking just one, go to https://murlarkey.com/recipes  Murlarkey is our Official Distillery and has so many yummy recipes!  But since we're talking about going big - Let's feature "Pot of Gold"

1.5 oz Lemon Whiskey 

1.5 oz of Lemondade

.5 oz of Triple Sec - Shake or stir, line glass with sugar, pour and enjoy!  YUMMY!!!!!

Race Sponsors

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