Week 3 - Beach Theme Tailgates

Everyone now knows that Virginia Gold Cup has been postponed until Saturday, June 20th.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s understanding and support of this transition based on all updates of the Coronavirus pandemic (Anyone else sick of those two words too?).  Also, little warning – Corona Beer WILL NOT be the beer of choice (or maybe even welcome on property) at this event. :)  Just kidding, only trying to provide a little humor! 

Not only is June 20th the date the 95th running of The Virginia Gold Cup, it is also the official start of SUMMER!  We will have a WHOLE BUNCH of things to celebrate and today’s “Tailgate Theme” ideas are to celebrate the start of summer and beach weather!      

Let’s look at some fun BEACH BUFFETS!

Nothing like thinking of Beach and Jimmy Buffett!  It would be so easy and CHEAP to use plastic sand buckets for snacks and as a wine/drink chiller.  Beach buckets are so bright and colorful that you won’t need to add flowers or much more additional decorations.  And, to use the sand shovels as the serving utensils makes it even a little more fun.

Raise your hand if you have gone on a beach vacation and come back home with a lot of seashells you found walking the shoreline.  Go ahead, raise your hand!  Raise your hand if you have actually used those seashells for decoration.  If not, are they still in a Ziploc bag in some drawer?  Get them out!  It’s their time to shine at Virginia Gold Cup!

Additional inexpensive decorative items include; lanterns, sand dollars, starfish, thick rope (think crab pots, anchors, sails) and netting.  If you don’t already have some, these items are easy to find at craft and home improvement stores.

If you’re going to service a fruit medley, SLICE YOUR FRUIT CAREFULLY!  Tops of pineapples can add the tropical flair of looking like the tops of palm trees.  Lay a watermelon on its side and only cut 1/3 down to allow for a deep watermelon bowl.  Get fancy and scallop the edge. 

The beach provides a lot of fun ideas for your tailgate party at The Virginia Gold Cup!  Before we sign off, let’s “Cheer”s to one another with some tasty Mai Tai’s! 


Single Serving                                                                   Large Batch

1 oz (2 tablespoons) dark rum                                  6 cups of dark rum

1 oz (2 tablespoons) amber rum                               6 cups of amber rum

2 tablespoons fresh orange juice                              6 cups of OJ

1/2 oz (1 tablespoon) Cointreau or triple sec            3 cups of Cointreau or triple sec

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice                                     3 cups of lime juice

1 drop pure almond extract                                        1 tablespoon of almond extract.

Dash of grenadine (optional as it only provides the color variation)  Large batches, add to individual drinks.

Directions:  Mix all together and pour over ice.  If you want the color variation, add the quick splash of Grenadine.

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