Week 2 of Tailgating Ideas

Horse Country Tablescapes

It may seem cliché to have a horse themed tablescape at Steeplechase horse races, but that’s the sporting event we came to watch.  To help provide you inspiration, we’ve scoured the internet for some unique ideas that can easily be replicated or altered to make it unique for you.

Flowers always make a table look gorgeous.  But, do you have to spend a fortune on large floral arrangements?  Absolutely not!  Pictured below are matching vases with wheat bundles.  These arrangements give beautiful height to the table scape.   Keeping with a blue and brown color scheme and adding some toy horses to the table make this a beautiful display. 

You can gain height with putting skinny flower vases into a pair of boots and creating beautiful “boot” flower arrangements.

Even your food can be “Horse Country” themed.  Make tea sandwiches cut into horse shapes.

To maximize space on the table is to have multiple levels to display food.  An inexpensive way to do this is to use crates or as pictured below – small hay bales that you can buy at local craft stores.

And our recipe for the week is the Kentucky Mule.

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