General Admission

Don't want to plan a tailgate? The below tickets are designed for Single Guest or those that want to just show up to Race Day without bringing anything.

Parking & Transport

General admission passes do not include parking. We provide the following options.

Member's Hill Experiences

Member's Hill is the Centerpiece of Race Day. Located directly between the North and South Rail Tailgating Experiences Member's Hill features premium hillside views with no tent obstructions. Attendees have access to: Steward's Stand to view Trophy Ceremonies, Vendor Village featuring Fashion, local arts, a good cigar, and so much more.

Stroll to the Paddock to view and select the "Best Turned Out Horse" before each Race

Member's Hill Tailgate – No Tents Allowed

Member's Hill Corporate Experiences

Race Sponsors

Virginia Equine Alliance Brown Advisory VTA Riverbed HBPA Americans for Prosperity